Our flagship product, the best degree audit system in the world. Hands down! Costs a small fraction of competing products… in terms of installation, annual fees, and the cost of your own resources (which are far from free). You literally cannot afford to not have, or switch over to, this market-leading product. Just one of our reports pays for the whole system every year.


FREE means “Free Requirements Equivalency Engine,” and FREE means free! No cost! Ever! We host, maintain, and back up the whole system for you. If you are tired of paying for transfer articulation, and you are ready for ease of use coupled with speed and power, then you need to experience FREE!


“Smash-‘n-Grab” (SNG) is an amazingly fast, powerful, configurable “extract, transform, load” (ETL) application. Snap together your ETL path with “components” like putting together Lego blocks! Run ETL jobs in automated fashion, and even snap jobs together into complex workflow. And so affordable!