SNG is much more than “just” an ETL tool. For example, SNG can act as a native PeopleSoft Sync Target, meaning that PeopleSoft systems will “see” and interact with SNG just like it was itself another PeopleSoft system. SNG can connect to any arbitrary RDBMS system and provide two-way integrations between any disparate systems! It can conglomerate data from any combination of sources, perform sophisticated transformations on any part of the input streams, combine the streams according to rules, and output the resulting data stream to any imaginable target data repository. Thus, SNG can really act as the “hub” of all your data-transport and systems-integration needs. No other system is close to this powerful and flexible!

Just some of SNG’s features and capabilities (all without any “coding”)….

  • Native handling of PeopleSoft’s PSCAMA
  • Native PeopleSoft Sync Target
  • Full integration with PeopleSoft’s SOAP-TO-CI interfaces
  • Arbitrarily nested/complex WSDL parsing
  • Arbitrarily nested/complex SOAP messages (in and out)
  • Easy data in/out of any RDBMS
  • Database trigger events
  • Scheduled events (as fine-grained as once per second)
  • Drag/Drop, building-block style, “click together” data-processing components
  • Define “jobs” of related ETL/data-flow processes
  • Wrap jobs inside of other jobs for amazingly sophisticated job-triggered processes
  • Data streams can be “timed” or “evented” to pull disparate data together as desired
  • Output to arbitrarily many targets simultaneously or “in order”
  • True, full ETL capacities–make your data become what you need it to be
  • Fully web-based interface–access/manage your data flows from anywhere
  • Monitor data-flow processes in real time
  • Robust permissions

westwind_articleClick the picture thumbnail to see a full-size article about how the Conclusive Systems team implemented a campus-wide PeopleSoft system at Walla Walla University. We used SNG for data migration and systems integration.

SNG is far, far beyond just an ETL tool, although it can handle the most complex ETL tasks with ease!

SNG is delivered as a dedicated appliance, or we can host it for you at no additional cost. Installation is very, very fast and easy, and the SNG system is so easy to learn and use.

Our installation price includes two days of onsite training/consulting, and we’ll offer web-ex style training (with reasonable advance request) at no additional cost with our lowest tier license/support contract. Plus, our support team is just an email or phone call away to answer SNG questions or even help you figure out how to best approach a process.

Competing enterprise systems from “big name” vendors are often an order of magnitude more expensive than SNG (or even more). But Conclusive Systems can get you live on the best ETL/Integrations tool for an average of $20,000, and that price includes installation, the hardware, and the first year’s annual license/support fee. Thereafter we start at $6,000 per year for license/support, and we can scale up support/consulting to any level you desire. We are entirely flexible, with meeting your needs as our paramount consideration. So just talk to us, and see what we can do for you!