We love working with our Canadian customers! As a United States company, we are very aware of FIPPA and various provincial data protection and privacy laws, and we are fully compliant. Let’s talk about what Conclusive Systems can do for Canadian schools, particularly with our Advisor degree audit system.

We provide onsite appliances or can host our systems in Canada, so that FIPPA-protected data never leaves Canada. As with all of our installations, we provide the hardware or hosted environment as part of our low-cost, single-price installation. So, as with our American schools, you don’t lift a finger to purchase and maintain hardware or worry about upgrades, maintenance, or data protection.
Our backup regimen is robust and automated, however we cannot pull backups offsite the way we do in the USA. So, we’ll work with you to ensure that ongoing system backups are pushed to the system(s) of your choice. That way your protected data remains accessible to you and stays within Canada.
Onsite training is included in our low installation fee, and we absolutely love to go to Canadian schools for training. In fact, we like to think of our Canadian training sessions as mini-vacations! 🙂

Yes, we understand the differences between US and Canadian educational systems, particularly as the differences affect the advising process.

For example, we realize that “college,” “university,” and “university college” are not interchangeable terms for you, as they pretty much are in the US. We realize how these differences reflect the sorts of degree programs you offer and that the relations between offered programs can be quite different between different types of institutions.

We are also very aware that your use of “credits” varies much more significantly between institutions than the US notion of “credits” does. The Advisor system was designed with an entirely flexible notion of “credits,” so that you can mix credit types among your various requirements, and the system does all needed conversions behind the scenes. Even our “equivalencies engine” can handle different credit types, so it’s easy for you to set up courses/credits equivalencies that will just work.

Even on the subject of the advising process itself there are differences between the US and Canadian approaches, with Canadian schools tending to be much more “hands on” and establishing real relationships between students and advisors. The Advisor system was fundamentally designed to facilitate such relations!

From our Communicator module to the events-driving notifications system, Advisor was designed to act as the communications hub between students and advisors. As a demo will immediately reveal, no other degree audit system more neatly fits the Canadian emphasis on relational advising.

The US and Canadian currencies have historically “tracked” pretty closely. We will contract with you and invoice in Canadian dollars, and your payments will be converted by our bank upon deposit. The process is simple, and everything is contemplated in Canadian dollars.

In short, we make installations easy and cost-effective. And because we form genuine relationships with our customers (rather than view and treat them like commodities affecting a bottom line), you’ll find Conclusive Systems to be unique among academic vendors in our desire to be the “custom” company that will meet your particular needs.