price, performance, accuracy, support… enjoy it all

Conclusive Systems LLC is an enterprise, academic software company whose flagship degree audit product is Advisor, the fastest, easiest to use, most featured and accurate, and best supported degree audit system in the world. Our clients include community colleges, colleges, and universities in the United States and Canada. We have offices in Portland, Oregon and Denver, Colorado.



Our pricing is amazingly low, up-front, and all-inclusive. There are never “hidden charges” in our installations, such as third-party licenses, per-diems, consulting fees, or any of the other games played by other academic vendors. The quoted price is the entire price you will pay to be live on Advisor or any of our other solutions.  And our transfer articulation product, FREE, is in fact entirely free!


Our systems are ridiculously fast, even an order of magnitude faster than our competition. A “snappy” system is a pleasure to use! And our installations are also fast. What other companies take a year or more to do, we can do in a month or two. We’ll even codify your degree requirements for you in that time frame!


A fast but inaccurate system is basically useless. But our systems are so accurate that a number of our customers use our systems as their final grad-check.

We know that your advising (and other) processes rely on correct information, and our systems are designed to provide it.


Ever feel like your support requests fall into a black hole? Not with Conclusive Systems. Our customer support is second to none, and we enjoy a 100% customer enthusiasm rating. We respond to support requests within the hour, and our support staff is enthusiastically responsive, expert, and native-English-speaking… here in the United States.


If you compare price, product features, and company commitment to excellence, Conclusive Systems is indeed The Obvious Conclusion!

Quick links to our products….

Advisor — The degree audit system

FREE — Free transfer articulation/evaluation system

LFA — Learn From Anywhere, distance education

SNG — “Smash-‘n-Grab” Extract/Transform/Load (ETL) system