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Video clip about company philosophy overview

The President of Conclusive Systems provides an overview of our company and our systems, explaining our core philosophy and what makes us different.

Video clip about how responsive and forthright we are

One of the big differences between Conclusive Systems and other degree audit vendors is how responsive and forthright we are. From our all-inclusive pricing to our quick support and development responsiveness, you’ll find dealing with Conclusive Systems to be a dramatically better experience than with any other academic vendor.

Video clip about our wholly-managed systems

The Advisor degree audit system from Conclusive Systems is a wholly-managed system. We take responsibility for every aspect of its health and performance, updates, patching, security, and even backups. You don’t lift a finger to enjoy the fastest and most powerful degree audit system on the planet.

Video clip about why there are no finger-pointing games with us

Conclusive Systems takes entire responsibility for the proper functioning of our degree audit system. If you contact us with a support request, we do not get into any finger-pointing games, in effect asking you, “What did you break?” Instead, we monitor our systems in real time, and we know about and fix emerging problems typically before anybody at the school realized there was any problem. Our systems just work. So, most of our customer support consists of what other vendors call “consulting” and for which they often charge extra.

Video clip about our superior customer support

All of our customers are wildly enthusiastic about us in large part because our customer service is so much better than they experience with any other academic vendor. We do not use a ticketing system, and we respond to support requests virtually immediately.

Video clip about accurate degree requirements

Other degree audit systems struggle to accurately represent degree requirements from a school’s catalog. Either the system depends upon a proprietary programming language, or the system cannot handle complex relations of requirements. Only the Advisor system from Conclusive Systems can accurately represent a school’s requirements, what we call its “institutional DNA,” of any complexity. And the resulting representation is easy to maintain, which keeps it accurate over time.

Video clip about reporting and analytics

The Advisor degree audit system from Conclusive Systems provides amazing reporting and analytics capabilities.