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Our standard business hours are 8am to 5pm Monday through Thursday, and 8am to 4pm on Friday. We observe the typical United States holidays. All hours are Mountain time.

Conclusive Systems is an enterprise, academic software company, with offices in Portland, Oregon and Denver, Colorado. Our purpose is to create, sell and support superb software solutions that meet the needs and relieve the technology frustrations of the academic market.

Conclusive Systems was founded in January of 2002 by a university professor and four of his former students with a passion for logic and philosophy. Their goal was to create a software company unique in the academic market, a company that treats its customers like partners in the mission of academia rather than line-items on some balance sheet.

The team was intent on solving one of the toughest nuts to crack in academic computing: degree audits that are easy to use, accurate, and fast. The eventual result was the Advisor degree audit system. Since then, we have added other solutions since then, such as transfer articulation and ETL (extract, transform, load) products.

At Conclusive Systems, we strive to deliver solutions and services that far and away exceed the expectations of our customers. We realize our competitors regularly produce software that the average person cannot effectively use. We also understand that the same companies offering these products often promise quick installations that they cannot deliver and then proceed to charge their customers for unanticipated (and even intentionally hidden) expenses that arise along the way.

Competing systems come filled with hidden costs, inaccuracies, and usage-difficulties that are impossible to realize until a customer has so much invested in them that the customer feels too deeply invested and even trapped, and so cannot even consider any alternative. Because of these shortcomings, we have taken an entirely different approach to our software development and business dealings.

To begin with, all of our software is designed with the average academic user in mind. This means that anyone who regularly uses a computer will find our products accessible and easy to use. While ease of use is critically important to us, we also understand that our customers need powerful products. Because of this need, we have designed our software to handle even your most complicated challenges.

Our products are designed by actual academics, rather than “suits” or “geeks” that are unfamiliar with your actual processes and challenges. Our systems look and work like they were designed by knowledgeable academics, because they were. For example, one of our customers’ registrars recently told another registrar that was asking for a reference about us: “Advisor looks and works like it was designed by a real academic adviser. I love it!”

Yes, it does, because it was.

Our customers include some of the largest and more prestigious universities in the United States and Canada. Yet, we can also “scale down” too; we also have as customers some small community colleges and even a tiny, unaccredited ministerial school with less than 150 students. Literally… whatever your needs are, we can meet them, and we will dedicate ourselves to meeting them.

We are committed to being open, realistic and honest in all of our business dealings. We will not surprise you with hidden fees or installations that stretch into painful, never-ending affairs. When you purchase a system from us you will know exactly how much it will cost up front and you can be sure that the installation will be completed in a timely manner. Our dedication to our customers extends far beyond selling our software.

Excellent customer service is extremely important to us, and we have fashioned our company to respond quickly, energetically, and expertly to our customers’ needs. During business hours, we typically respond to customer support requests within an hour, and we answer questions and solve problems fast! We are the most responsive company you have ever worked with, and we enjoy a 100% customer enthusiasm rating.

With one of our solutions in place, you will very quickly wonder how you ever did things as you did before. Don’t settle for slow, clunky, outdated, limited, expensive “solutions” any more. For a small fraction of what our competitors charge, we can very, very quickly have you working with a system that is both revolutionary and very satisfying.