Website Usage Privacy Policy

In short, we don’t track you. We don’t maintain lists unless you choose to join one. If we email you, each email contains an “unsubscribe” link, which we honor. We don’t engage in any “big data” collection. We never, ever share any information about you with any third-parties. We treat you like we wish we were treated by Microsoft, Google, Yahoo, and others (but aren’t).

Product Usage Privacy Policy (if you are a customer/user of any of our products)

Here are relevant sections of our typical contracts that express how we manage and keep private information private. Again, we never share collected information with any third-parties.

Ownership of data: Conclusive Systems acknowledges and agrees that all data related specifically to Licensee’s institution that is imported into, entered into, or generated by the [Product] Service, by whatever method or agent, are Licensee’s exclusive property and shall be returned to Licensee, or destroyed, upon request. Conclusive Systems expressly represents that it owns or has a right to distribute, use, and license [Product]; and Conclusive Systems indemnifies Licensee for any and all claims against Licensee brought by third parties seeking to enforce rights related to ownership or licensing right in [Product].

Confidentiality of shared data: Conclusive Systems recognizes that the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) affords students certain rights to privacy with respect to their education records. Personally identifiable (non-directory) information containing student education records may not be disclosed without the student’s written consent unless designated by FERPA. Conclusive Systems agrees to abide by FERPA and its implementing regulations and any other applicable laws or acts, including any state of [School’s State] laws governing disclosure of personally identifiable information, and not disclose any personal identifiable information provided by Licensee to any party except as ordered by a court of competent jurisdiction. Conclusive Systems shall provide written notice to Licensee prior to releasing any information under the terms of this Section. In addition, all data transmitted via the [Product] Service (both to and from Licensee’s network) shall be encrypted using high-strength industry-standard encryption protocols.

GDPR: Conclusive Systems honors the spirit of the GDPR and makes every effort to comply with its provisions to the extent that they are applicable to the particular persons, workflows, and data-retention needs of higher education.


Conclusive Systems takes data security and privacy seriously! We don’t share anything with third parties. Ever. We collect the minimal amount of data needed to perform our product services. We protect that collected data with high-strength encryption in-place and during all transmission. And we honor the “right  to be forgotten” to the extent that it is possible in the context of higher education.