Isn’t it a bit pretentious to call Advisor The degree audit system?” Well….

There is literally no comparison between Advisor and its “competition.”

If you like paying ten times as much for one-tenth the system, then just stop reading. But if you want to see pricing, performance, support, and a slam-dunk ROI case like never before, just read on. And here’s a page containing some video clips you will find extremely enlightening.


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every other degree audit system out there, and it does so without bogging your existing systems down. We can provide such a fast system because we provide the whole system!

With Advisor you get a dedicated system, a system tuned to do one thing: produce the fastest degree audits and reports.

onsite appliance(s) or hosted. Both approaches provide you with a system dedicated to producing degree audits and reports. Both approaches are entirely managed by Conclusive Systems, so your IT team has no responsibility for the proper functioning or performance of the system. The system just works.

so you are never paying for third-party licenses (such as for COBOL), nor are you locked into “legacy land” just because your vendor is. Our systems are designed with modern, modular code written to be fast and maintainable. As just one example, nobody responds to feature requests as fast as we do; we are able to respond so quickly because our whole system is modern and well-designed from the bare-metal up.

Like our code, we are light, nimble, and modern. Conclusive Systems has never been, and will never be, a company run by high-priced “suits” that are so removed from customers that company decisions don’t even contemplate customer interests/priorities. Conclusive Systems is literally at the opposite end of the spectrum from that!

Founded and run by academics for academia, Conclusive Systems is constantly striving to serve customers better and faster than ever before. So, our customer support is fast; and our ongoing development is directly tied to feature requests. No academic company is as responsive as Conclusive Systems, and all of our existing customers enthusiastically attest to this fact.

For the fastest possible audits and reports, the fastest and best customer support, and ongoing development most responsive to your needs, Advisor by Conclusive Systems is your solution.


including the whole self-service interface, the degree requirements management, and all system configuration. Advisor works beautifully in all modern, standards-compliant browsers and mobile devices.
Advisor is provided as a server-based appliance or a hosted instance — and Conclusive Systems handles everything! We monitor, upgrade, backup, and in every other way ensure that the system is always performing at its best. Your IT team will have little more to do than smile, as Advisor just runs and runs (blazing fast).
Raw speed is itself a “feature” when a system is as fast as Advisor. Enjoy unprecedented speed for both self-service-audits and batches. Audits run instantly, and reports are at your fingertips. “What-if” scenarios are a pleasure, and the truly interactive features of Advisor’s audits really shine with instant refreshes!
Unlike all of our competitors’ systems, Advisor’s degree audits are “mini-applications” in their own right. Manage academic plans, create and manage waivers/exceptions, move courses around (to allowable positions), share audits, even lock courses into their currently-mapped positions… virtually everything can be done right on the audit itself! Then, audits can be named/saved/printed/stored in their current state. Advisor brings enhanced meaning to the phrase, “self-service,” with truly interactive audits. No more flat-text “reports” called “audits.”
Advisor easily connects with anything: PeopleSoft, Banner, home-grown SISs, literally anything. Data transport and single-sign-on are easy!
No “coding” of any sort, and easy management of your degree requirements (plus, during installation, for the same low price, Conclusive Systems produces one complete year of your degree requirements for you).

Students and advisers can create and manage academic plans and schedules, and planned courses can be treated as “real” in audits, just listed where they “would” apply, or kept off of audits entirely.

And the planning/scheduling is done directly from the audit, which refreshes instantly to show exactly how the planning/scheduling activities have affected the student’s outcome.

Students can easily run audits against any possible academic goal, which allows them and their advisers to see the real implications of changing majors or adding a certificate.

Students can have unlimited and named academic plans. So it is easy for students to mix-and-match plans with programs of study (goals) to see how a particular load of courses will fit against various programs of study.

Conclusive Systems is not a combination of “suits” and “geeks” largely out of touch with your perspectives and needs. Because we are academics, and our company was founded to serve academia, we are responsive and understanding at an unprecedented level!

It’s easy to dismiss such claims as transparent marketing hype. But we enjoy a 100% customer enthusiasm rating (not just “satisfaction”). We’ll happily put you in touch with all of our customers, not just a cherry-picked few. You’ll quickly discover that it’s not “hype” when we say that we are a totally different academic company.

Our customer support is simply amazing, and we respond to feature requests faster than anybody else. We intend Advisor to remain at the absolute cutting edge of degree audit systems, and your suggestions help us to keep it there. Both Conclusive Systems and Advisor are designed from the ground up to provide market-leading service.

Just ask for a demo, and we’ll enthusiastically show you why Advisor is by far the finest degree audit system, supported by the finest company, on the planet.

Pricing & ROI

Do you presently have a degree audit system that can tell you exactly what courses to schedule for upcoming terms, along with exactly which students need those courses and in what priority? If you don’t have Advisor, you are missing out on this amazing Scheduling Report!

Just imagine how much time (and money) this one report could save you. Just imagine the increase in your student retention when you offer them the very courses they need to take to stay on track to their degree. Just imagine no more wasted money offering courses that are not well-attended. Just imagine dramatically increasing your normative-time graduation percentages.

Do you presently have a Financial-Aid Report that tells you which students are taking courses that the (USA) feds won’t pay for, as well as exactly what those courses are? If you don’t have Advisor, you are missing out on the easy way to comply with federal financial aid guidelines.

Just imagine how different your advising process could be if you could tell students in an instant if their proposed course schedule would comply with federal guidelines, along with which courses will simply delay their graduation and cost them money. Imagine being able to tell at a glance, term-by-term, which students are drifting and not making timely progress toward graduation.

Imagine the increase in your student retention and degree completion when your students are informed about which courses will get them the financial aid and the most direct path to graduation they expect.

Do you presently have a degree audit system that literally allows your students to self-advise regarding their academic progress, and with such accuracy and speed that they enjoy using the system and have confidence in it? Advisor is really the hub of your whole advisement process. It doesn’t replace that all-important human touch that is central to advising. Advisor empowers such face-to-face meetings.

Do you still do grad-checks and advising on paper? Do you have a degree audit system that is so fast and accurate that you can have complete confidence to use it for your final grad checks? Just imagine running all your grad checks in a matter of minutes, with complete confidence. With Advisor, you can.

Imagine having degree audits in indexed PDF files for storage in your document management system, or saved into an XML document that all modern office software suites can read. Advisor’s output is industry standard and easy to incorporate into any modern document management system.

All of what we say about the Advisor system is pretty meaningless if the price is out of reach. Or, if you are contemplating making a move away from your current degree audit system, it’s hard to be motivated to do that if you believe that you would just be swapping out one expensive system for another expensive system.

That’s why we price Advisor so aggressively that most schools could literally afford to use Advisor side-by-side with their existing degree audit system, and Advisor’s reports alone would pay for the Advisor system many times over!

Our installation price is often an order of magnitude less than our competitors’. Our annual license/support fee is typically even more competitive. If you are paying some company many tens of thousands of dollars per year (or, often even more) for your degree audit system, you are, frankly, getting ripped off. We can very, very quickly bring up the Advisor system for you and start saving you a huge amount of money from the day you unplug your old system.

is between $30,000 and $50,000 for installation, and that price includes the first year’s license/support fee. After that first year, our typical annual fee for a community college is about $9,000.

is typically $60,000 to $100,000 for installation, which, again, includes the first year’s license/support fee. And after that the typical annual fee would typically be $10,000 to $25,000.

our installation pricing ranges from about $100,000 to about $300,000, which, of course, includes the first year’s license/support fee. And after the first year our annual fee would be about $40,000 to about $80,000.

Even a bit of research into our competitors’ pricing will reveal just how inexpensive Advisor is. Many community colleges are paying more than ten times as much per year as we charge! And installation prices in the many hundreds of thousands of dollars (and more) are the norm. And all of this for demonstrably slower, inferior systems. Your due diligence will quickly reveal that with the other systems, you are paying much more to get much less.

Conclusive Systems simply doesn’t play the pricing games of other academic vendors. Our prices are tied to real costs rather than “what the market will bear,” and we make the case every day that we are in business to serve academia, not “take it” for all we can.

And we don’t nickel and dime you with endless hidden fees, such as third-party licenses (there are none), per Diems, travel, consulting, or anything else. When we quote a price, that’s the price. End of story. No surprises!

Why pay much more for much less? With what Conclusive Systems charges for Advisor, and given our quick installations, you could be using the superior degree audit system for less than what our competitors often charge for just the first year’s annual maintenance fee!

Let us show you how quickly you could be saving a ton of money while enjoying the benefits of the finest degree audit system that any amount of money can buy.

With other companies, you really don’t know what the system is going to cost until you are fully committed (and are paying and paying). With Conclusive Systems, you are able to know in advance what the system will cost you (including installation, hosting (or appliance), annual, and school-related costs). Our no-nonsense, all-inclusive pricing, coupled with the fact that our systems are wholly-managed SaaS systems, lets you see exactly how the rubber is going to meet the road!