If you are paying for transfer articulation/evaluation, you are paying too much. FREE is free to our Advisor customers and always will be.

FREE stands for “Free Requirements Equivalency Engine,” and it will always be FREE to our Advisor customers!

  • Conclusive Systems hosts, maintains, updates, and backs up the FREE system, entirely at no charge to its users.
  • Now you can stop paying for “users,” importing of transcripts, or other costs. Have as many users on, and import all the e-transcripts into, FREE for free as you wish.
  • Fast, powerful, streamlined, and with the ability to import PESC e-transcripts and export standard XML, FREE can do it all. And, have we mentioned that it is free for our Advisor customers?

For a list of features, and to get an overview of the easy user interface, just read on. And you can contact us at any time for your free initial (super-user) account. With your new account, you can add as many other users from your institution as you wish, and you can assign them permissions as you choose.

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Why Free?

too much! Other vendors have spent decades charging “all that the market will bear,” while constantly forcing the market to “bear” more and more! As academics ourselves, the partners of Conclusive systems have been on the “receiving end” of such treatment, and we founded this company to start reversing this trend!
‘suits’ in fancy offices getting ridiculous salaries. We serve academia because we love the mission of academia, and our for-profit products are offered at prices reflecting our (low) real costs. So, we are able to offer far more while charging far less. FREE is our “shot across the bow” of other vendors that the days of gouging academia are drawing to a close.
so that you can know that Conclusive Systems is committed to offering the best products at the absolute lowest prices. FREE is our commitment to proving every day that “serving academia” is not “marketing hype.”
draw attention to our excellent for-profit products and the excellence of our customer support that are both becoming legendary. Plus, FREE is neatly integrated with our degree audit system, Advisor.

If you are tired of being gouged, FREE by Conclusive Systems is your solution. Contact us for more information.


and hosted by Conclusive Systems. Access FREE from anywhere with any modern web browser or mobile device.
Conclusive Systems handles everything! We monitor, upgrade, backup, and in every other way ensure that your FREE system is always performing at its best.
FREE can import PESC-standard transcripts, or you can easily create manual ones on the fly. Your articulation tables can be exported to XML. And evaluated transcripts (resulting from the application of your articulation rules) are output as XML. XML is easily parsed for integration into any SIS, and it is industry standard, readable by many other “office” applications.
What many other transfer articulations struggle with or make difficult, FREE makes quick and easy. Articulations of unlimited complexity are trivial to create, taking into account credit types, credits, term-taken, and much more.
Effective date your articulations with ease. Set up mappings that you know will expire, set the expiration date, set up the replacement mapping that will “take over” from there, and the system will just work during the transition. It’s transfer articulation on “cruise control.”
so that you can view your institutional relations in a graphical “star” arrangement. Click on any institution and have it become the center of the star. Drill in to see their articulations, and just “accept” those articulations for your own institution. Then, any incoming transcripts that correlated with those “accepted” articulations will just “flow through” your institution as if they were part of your own articulations.

And much more. Don’t settle for a slow, clunky, hard to use, and expensive transfer articulation solution. FREE has power, speed, and reliability for free!


A Few Screen-Shots

On one “tab” of the application, you can import transcripts, create transcripts manually, see what incoming courses will automatically articulate, and perform the actual transcript-evaluation.


On one “tab” of the application, you set up your articulation tables with ease! Instead of jumping around from screen to screen, as is required by so many other transfer articulation applications, in FREE everything is easy in one straightforward operation on a single screen. Even the most complex mappings are easy and intuitive to create!


All the system settings are straightforward and easy to manage. Set up your users, terms, grade types, and so forth. As in the rest of the application, everything is at your fingertips.


Conclusive Systems is committed to serving academia, and FREE is just one way we can demonstrate that fact. We can “do more for less,” and FREE just takes both “more” and “less” to a whole new level.